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Author:  DatsEZ+ [ Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:36 am ]
Post subject:  Need suggestions?

The wife and me in our wisdom are taking on two 1600 rebuilds at the same time .Unfotrunately my wife is reduced to automatics only as she is in a wheel chair.The first Datsun we have had with it a L 20 and twinSU.'s with a T bar auto tranny.The other one we think is a L 16 or 18 and 4 speed.The question is do you think the L 20 with auto on SU .'s is OK or do you think maybe a L 18 on webbers and auto would be better.For my car I prefere the smaller1.6 or1.8 ltr motors and run A 5 speed. Which way do you think would be better.I just don't know what an auto is capable of.The other thing is the wife would like the exterior on both vehicles to look identical.My thoughts maybe same basic style but different colours .The interiors we are upolstering ourselves and these would be almost identical except for one being auto and the other manual.You girls "n" guys got any good ideas ?I hope to have both car bodies up on the rotisseries as soon as possible.Were are 2 old farts semi retired too.
Dats EZ.

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